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Convert your videos into text, automatically

In a world where video content dominates, especially on social media, its conversion into text has become crucial to ensure accessibility and increase engagement. With our advanced transcription tool, transform any video into a rich and structured text document.
More than just transcription, it's an invitation to make video content available to those who prefer the written format, those with specific accessibility needs, or those who want to relive memorable moments without having to watch the entire video.

A simple 3-step video transcription

Upload your video

Upload your video and let us handle the rest. Broad compatibility for many popular video formats.

Let technology work for you

In just a few minutes, your video is transformed into an information-rich text document. Subtitle files available.

Retrieve your content

Integrate your new transcription into your video as subtitles or turn it into a blog article. The possibilities are endless.

Adapted to all types of videos

Whether you're looking to transcribe an educational webinar, training video, interview, or even a movie, our tool adapts to your specific needs. We understand that each type of video has its own nuances and subtleties.

That's why our technology is trained to account for variations in tone, context, and emotion, ensuring that the final transcription doesn't miss any details.

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Advanced technology at your service

Transcription is not just a simple conversion of speech to text. It's an entire art, powered by technology. Thanks to machine learning, we offer the latest generation of speech recognition to ensure maximum accuracy.

The ability to identify multiple speakers, handle different accents and dialects, and even understand context puts us at the forefront of the transcription industry.

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Unmatched accuracy

Our dedication is reflected in the accuracy and quality of every transcription we generate.

Through continuous technological improvement and our team of enthusiasts, we ensure that every word, every sentence, and every intention are faithfully captured, providing you with the highest quality video transcription.

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Security and confidentiality

We understand the importance of protecting your data.

Our infrastructure ensures that each video you upload is processed with the highest level of security and confidentiality. Once the transcription is done, your files will be directly deleted from our servers.

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What video formats are supported by this service?

Our service supports formats such as MP4, MPEG, and WEBM. We strive to stay updated with popular video formats to provide you with the best possible user experience.

Is it possible to automatically create subtitles?

Yes, absolutely. In addition to providing a text transcription, our service is capable of automatically generating subtitle files such as SRT, SBV or VTT. These files can then be integrated into your videos to provide subtitles to your audiences, enhancing accessibility and understanding.

What about synchronizing transcriptions with the video?

Thanks to the generation of subtitle files like SBV, SRT or VTT, each segment of text is associated with a precise timestamp. So, when you open these files with a text editor or specialized software, you can see exactly when each part of the transcription should appear in the video.

How do you distinguish different speakers in a video?

For our premium users, we have an advanced feature for detecting different speakers. This technology analyzes the video to detect changes in voice and intonation. Once detected, it displays the speaker's name (if provided) or differentiates them with terms like 'Person 1,' 'Person 2,' etc., in the transcription as dialogue.

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