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Our voice to text converter, based on speech recognition technology, is a free online tool that transcribes your speech. Whether you are a student taking notes, a professional recording a meeting, or a creator wanting to transcribe their content, Transcri is your ally.
Free yourself from laborious manual entry and discover the magic of instant transcription.

How to convert voice to text?

Prepare the voice recording

Before you begin, make sure your surroundings are relatively quiet and your microphone is working properly. A good initial recording is essential to obtain an accurate transcription. If you're using a smartphone or computer, test the microphone to ensure your voice is captured clearly.

Use voice to text converter

Access an online tool like Transcri's voice to text converter. Upload your audio file or speak directly into the microphone. The service will automatically start converting your voice to text.

Reread the transcript

Once the transcription is generated, read the text to check for accuracy. Use this time to make adjustments, add missing punctuation, and clarify ambiguous parts.

Discover the Power of Instant Conversion

Imagine speaking to your device and seeing your words appear instantly on the screen. That's exactly what our audio translator. No need to type for hours, our advanced technology does all the work for you.

Convert your voice to text to save time and finally focus on what really matters.

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Adapt the converter to your needs

As each voice is unique, Transcri allows you to personalize your experience.

Choose the transcription language, adjust the speed, and even automatically add punctuation if necessary. You have control to ensure a transcription that reflects your style.

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The technology behind the magic

Transcri is a combination of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Our speech recognition engine ( Speech to Text) is trained on millions of hours of speech to ensure unparalleled accuracy.

Our algorithm is continuously improving to provide you with the best speech-to-text converter on the market.

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Conversion quality

Accuracy is our priority, but there are some tips to optimize the quality of your transcriptions. Make sure to speak clearly, avoid background noise as much as possible, and place the microphone at an appropriate distance from your mouth.

Small considerations that can make a big difference in the clarity of the generated text, especially for a verbatim transcription.



How can I ensure better accuracy when converting my voice to text?

To ensure optimal voice-to-text conversion, follow these recommendations:

  • Quiet environment: Make sure you record in a quiet location without background noise, which reduces the risk of errors.
  • Quality microphone: Use a good microphone and position it correctly to capture your voice clearly.
  • Clear speech: Speak clearly and at a steady pace. Avoid speaking too quickly or whispering.
  • Avoid jargons: If possible, avoid technical or domain-specific jargon. If you must use it, try to articulate each word carefully.

What audio formats are accepted by the converter?

Our converter accepts most common audio formats: MP3, WAV, M4A, and MPGA. Ensure that your files are in one of these formats before uploading them for conversion.

Can the converter handle multiple voices at once?

Yes, our converter is capable of processing recordings with multiple speakers. However, for optimal accuracy, it is recommended that each speaker speaks clearly, one at a time, and there is an audible distinction between each voice. The converter will attempt to identify and transcribe each voice, but its accuracy will depend on the clarity of the recording.

How do you protect the privacy of my voice recordings?

The confidentiality of your recordings is our priority. Once the transcription is completed, your audio files are automatically deleted from our servers to ensure the protection of your data.

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