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What is the SRT format?

The SRT (SubRip subtitle) format is one of the most popular and widely accepted subtitle formats on the web. It is compatible with most video players and streaming platforms, offering exceptional flexibility and ease of use.

Here are some key points about the SRT format:

  • File Extension: SRT files have the extension .srt
  • Structure: An SRT file consists of multiple subtitle blocks. Each block starts with a sequential number indicating the order of the subtitles, followed by the start and end times during which the subtitle should be displayed, and finally the subtitle text itself.

    Timecodes in an SRT file follow the format hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds --> hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds.

    For example, 00:01:20,500 --> 00:01:23,000 indicates that the subtitle appears at 1 minute 20.5 seconds and disappears at 1 minute 23 seconds.

  • Specificity: The SRT format is very simple and does not support advanced text styles (such as italic, bold, or fonts) or on-screen positioning. It is essentially designed for plain text.

    The SRT format is supported by most media players, video editing software, and video streaming platforms.

How to generate SRT subtitles?

Import your video or audio

Our system accepts a variety of formats, allowing you to work with almost any type of file.

Initiate automatic transcription

Transcri's AI will automatically transcribe the audio of your video and synchronize the text with timecodes.

Download the SRT file

The text is then formatted into an SRT file, ready to be downloaded and used. You can directly integrate it into your video.

Subtitle Quality and Accuracy

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality subtitles. Our technology ensures not only accurate transcription but also meticulous synchronization with your video content.

In addition to SRT, you can download your subtitles in other formats like VTT or SBV


Advanced Subtitle Customization

In addition to the generation function, our tool offers various customization options to make your subtitles perfectly match your needs. Choose from different styles, adjust synchronization, and easily edit text for a perfect result.


Integration with Streaming Platforms and Video Players

Once your SRT files are generated, you can easily integrate them on different streaming platforms and video players. The SRT format is notably accepted for generate YouTube subtitles to maximize the accessibility and reach of your videos.



How to edit generated subtitles?

After subtitle generation, you have two options to edit them:

  • The first is to download the SRT file and manually edit it with a text editor.
  • The second, more convenient option, is to use our online tool. Simply create a project on our platform (it's free) and make the necessary changes directly online. This allows you to see changes in real-time and synchronize them more easily with your video. In addition to being able to do Search and Replace and many other options…

What file formats are accepted by the SRT generator?

You can upload audio files such as MP3, WAV, M4A, MPGA, as well as video files such as MP4, WEBM, MPEG, OGA, OGG, FLAC, 3GP, and 3GPP.

Are SRT subtitles compatible with all online video platforms?

The SRT format is widely accepted and compatible with the majority of online video platforms and multimedia players. This includes popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram.

The SRT format is an industry standard for subtitle files due to its simplicity and ease of use!

Is there a size or duration limit for videos?

For anonymous users and free accounts, we do indeed have limits in terms of file size and duration that you can transcribe. These limits are in place to ensure service quality and efficient resource management. However, by subscribing to our subscription plans, you can benefit from lower limitations and additional features.

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