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With new technologies, the era of listening to an audio track multiple times to obtain a clear and concise text is over. Manual transcription, while useful, is tedious and time-consuming. By opting for an automated solution, you not only reduce execution time but also ensure the accuracy of the result. This precision is made possible through our advanced processing engine using artificial intelligence, providing consistent and accurate transcriptions regardless of the workload.
Transcri not only provides quality transcription but also the ability to easily navigate through your audio files, making your content more accessible and understandable. Choose from a variety of file formats, both input and output:

A 3-step transcription process

Upload your audio file

Start by importing your audio recording into our tool with just a few clicks. Our system accepts a variety of formats.

Initiate automated transcription

Once your audio file is loaded, simply click 'Convert,' and let our advanced technology take care of the rest. In no time, your recording will be transformed into readable text.

Download the result

After transcription, you can download the resulting text in multiple formats according to your needs, whether for later editing or direct distribution. Simple, fast, and efficient!

Diverse application areas

Our services are not limited to a single sector. From professionals to personal projects, we cover a wide range of uses. Students, teachers, journalists, healthcare professionals, and many others benefit from our services to enhance their productivity.

Imagine the ability to convert your classes, seminars, interviews, or any other voice recording into an easily exploitable text document.


Easy and fast integration

Our platform is designed to offer you a smooth and hassle-free experience. You can easily import your files, whether in audio or video format. Our system can handle hours of recording, ensuring that every word, pause, and nuance is accurately transcribed.

Moreover, thanks to an intuitive interface, both beginners and professionals find their way easily.

Forming team leadership

Accuracy and quality guaranteed

Transcri uses advanced algorithms and deep learning models to ensure that each transcription is as close as possible to the original.

Even dialects, accents, and language nuances are taken into account to provide you with impeccable transcription.

Business growth

Ease of editing and sharing

We don't stop at simple transcription. Once your audio file is converted, it's easy to fine-tune the text according to your needs. And that's not all! Our platform also facilitates sharing.

Whether you want to collaborate with a team or broadcast information to a wider audience, everything is possible with just a few clicks.

Shared goals


What audio formats are accepted for transcription?

We accept a variety of audio formats for transcription, including popular formats such as MP3, WAV, M4A, and MPGA. Make sure to have your file in one of these formats before starting the transcription process.

Can I edit the obtained transcription?

Absolutely! Once the transcription is complete, you will receive an editable text file, allowing you to make adjustments or corrections according to your needs. Additionally, for our premium users, we offer special modules designed to further optimize and enhance the accuracy of the result.

How long does it take to transcribe audio?

The transcription time can vary depending on the audio quality, the number of speakers, and other factors specific to the file. However, our system is optimized to provide transcription as quickly as possible.

My audio file contains multiple different voices. Can they be distinguished during transcription?

Yes, our system is designed to recognize and distinguish different voices within the same audio file. This ensures a clear and organized transcription, clearly indicating who is saying what in the transcribed text.

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