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Every day, we interact with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and languages. In this context, multilingual transcription is not just useful; it is essential. Transcri is more than a simple tool; it is the bridge that connects these diverse cultures, fostering unprecedented information sharing.
Imagine a world where every individual, regardless of their native language, can access the same content, the same knowledge. That's the power of language transcription: eliminating the language barrier and creating a truly connected world.

Advantages of online multilingual transcription

Advanced speech recognition

Sophisticated technology capable of discerning and accurately transcribing different tones, intonations, and accents.

Multi-Speaker detection

Our tool automatically distinguishes and transcribes the speech of different speakers in a conversation.

Audio translation

Beyond simple transcription, convert the transcribed text into another language of your choice.

A wide range of supported languages

The world is rich with over 7,000 languages. At Transcri, we strive to cover as many as possible. From major languages to regional dialects, our goal is to ensure that every language and voice benefits from our advanced transcription technology.

With over 50 supported languages for transcription, we take pride in saying that our platform is one of the most inclusive in the market.

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Cutting-Edge technology for accurate transcription

Transcription is an art that requires great precision. With the emergence of artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, online transcription has become more accurate and diverse.

At Transcri, we are committed to providing high-quality multilingual transcriptions. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that every nuance, intonation, and emotion is captured accurately, offering truly representative language transcription.

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Ease of Integration and use

Our platform is designed to offer a seamless user experience, allowing even novices to perform multilingual transcriptions in a few simple steps. From importing audio to receiving the transcription, the user journey is smooth.

Moreover, thanks to our compatibility with a multitude of platforms, your transcription files can be integrated wherever and whenever you need them.

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Economic benefits and time savings

Manual transcription is both costly and time-consuming. With automated multilingual transcription, businesses and individuals can achieve significant savings.

No need to go through expensive translation agencies or wait for weeks to get your transcriptions. With Transcri, you get fast, accurate, and economically advantageous results.

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How many languages are supported?

Our transcription service is currently capable of processing more than 50 different languages. This includes the most spoken languages in the world. Our goal is to provide accurate and reliable transcription, regardless of the language of your recording.

How does multi-speaker recognition work?

Multi-speaker recognition is an advanced feature that automatically detects different speakers in an audio recording. Using artificial intelligence, our system can identify and differentiate each voice, assigning a unique identifier to each speaker. This allows for a more structured and clear transcription, where each speaker's contribution is clearly distinguished.

Is translation service for transcriptions included?

The translation service for transcriptions is available for our premium users. If you are subscribed to our premium plan, you can not only transcribe but also translate your transcriptions into any possible language.

This feature is ideal for businesses exporting internationally and those working in a multilingual environment.

What is the difference between multilingual transcription and language transcription?

Multilingual transcription refers to the ability to transcribe an audio recording in many different languages, allowing for transcriptions in the original language of the recording.

In contrast, language transcription involves translating that original transcription into another language.

In other words, multilingual transcription focuses on the exact capture of the audio in its original language, while language transcription adds an additional layer by translating that content.

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