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What is verbatim transcription?

Verbatim transcription goes beyond simply capturing spoken words. It immortalizes every breath, every pause, and even every hesitation in the original speech. By offering a precise and unfiltered image of communication, it allows capturing subtle nuances that may be lost in other forms of transcription. When delving into a verbatim document, one can almost hear the original voice resounding, providing an immersive experience.
For legal professionals, academic researchers, or journalists, every small detail can carry crucial meaning. Moments of reflection, hesitations, or even captured emotions can reveal much more than words alone. It's the Speech to Text tool ideal for those who refuse to let any detail slip away.

How to automate verbatim transcription

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Start by uploading your audio or video file to our secure platform.

Initiate the analysis

After choosing your options, launch the transcription, and let our system take care of the rest.

Retrieve your transcription

Once the transcription is complete, you can download your document ready for use.

Specifics of verbatim transcription

All language subtleties, whether repetitions, verbal tics, or even interjections, are faithfully transcribed.

By capturing the entirety of the conversation, verbatim transcription offers a comprehensive view, enabling in-depth analysis, whether for research, behavioral analysis, or legal documentation.


Adaptable to various activities

Although verbatim transcription is valued in the legal field, its scope extends to many other domains. Journalists rely on it to faithfully reproduce interviews, while researchers use it to ensure the integrity of their data.

Moreover, in the medical field, accurate transcription can be crucial to understanding a patient's testimony. The fidelity provided by verbatim transcription is unparalleled.


Ensuring precision with our service

Every sound, every word, every emotion is essential. That's why our verbatim transcription service emphasizes meticulousness. Using cutting-edge technology, we guarantee absolute fidelity to the original source.

Convert voice to text without missing a single detail has never been easier.


Features and special offers

Verbatim transcription is both an art and a science. That's why we offer an extensive range of features, from advanced customization to translation tools.

Whether you're a large corporation or an individual, explore our special offers and packages to find the one that suits you best.

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What sets verbatim transcription apart from other types of transcriptions?

Verbatim transcription is a word-for-word transcription of audio or video, including all elements of speech, even those often omitted in other types of transcriptions. This means that all hesitations, verbal tics, repetitions, interjections, and even false starts are documented in the text. In contrast, other forms of transcription, like edited transcription, aim to produce a smoother and more refined text by eliminating redundancies or rephrasing for clarity.

What is the difference between transcription and subtitling?

Transcription involves converting audio into written text, providing a complete textual version of everything that is said. It can be used for reference, converting audio recordings into printable documents, among other uses.

Subtitling, on the other hand, involves translating audio into segments or "subtitles" and synchronizing them with a video so that they appear at the precise moment the words are spoken on-screen. Subtitling can also include other information, such as sound descriptions.

My recording contains many verbal tics and hesitations. Will these elements be included in the transcription?

Yes, in verbatim transcription, all elements of the audio recording, including verbal tics, hesitations, repetitions, and other nuances of speech, are included. The goal is to provide an exact and complete representation of the original audio, preserving all its details.

Is automatic verbatim transcription suitable for official interviews or legal depositions?

Automatic verbatim transcription provides a detailed representation of audio, making it suitable for many applications, including official interviews.

However, for extremely sensitive situations like legal depositions, it is recommended to use a professional human transcription service or ensure thorough proofreading to ensure absolute accuracy, given the legal importance of the produced documents.

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