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Automatic Transcription

Transform your audio into text in the blink of an eye with our automated transcription service.

Over 50 languages available

Transcri already supports over 50 languages, making multilingual transcription easier than ever.

Subtitle Generation

Generate subtitles for your videos effortlessly, available in 12 different export formats.

Free Service

Use all of our transcription features at no cost with our free online service.

Confidentiality Assured

We respect your privacy and protect your information.

Built-in correction tool

Premium option : Correct and improve your transcription with our integrated AI-powered correction tool.

Upload your Media

Just drop your audio or video files to begin the transcription service. Track the progress from the interface and find your files in the history if needed.

All files are permanently deleted from our servers after a period determined by your subscription, or immediately if you turn off the history option.


Multilingual Transcription

Transcri provides accurate and fast multilingual transcription in over 50 languages.

Need to translate audio in another language? Also take advantage of our automated translation service to generate subtitles in all languages.


Export in Multiple Formats

Choose from a wide selection of output formats, from standard text files to subtitles for videos and editing software.

Simplify your workflow with Transcri, your all-in-one solution for precise and fast exports.


Online Editor

Customize your transcriptions directly from our platform with powerful tools to edit and format your projects.

From the editor, you can easily switch between dialogue mode and subtitle mode.

Screen editor

Project Collaboration

Transcri is also a collaborative platform.

Invite your team to join your projects, optimize your workflows, and accelerate your productions with an intuitive and secure workspace.



In how many languages can Transcri transcribe audio to text?

Transcri can perform audio to text transcription in over 50 languages. This includes the most widely spoken languages in the world like English, Spanish, or Chinese, as well as other more technical languages like French and Arabic.

We also offer a translation module to our premium users.

What is the accuracy of the audio transcription offered by Transcri?

While accuracy may slightly vary depending on the quality of the original audio, Transcri strives to provide the highest quality audio transcription possible through the use of artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, our verbatim transcription algorithm is designed to accurately identify and transcribe any speech, even the fastest, noisiest, or with varied accents.

How to subtitle a video with Transcri?

To subtitle an online video with Transcri, start by importing your video file into our subtitle generator. Our software will then transcribe the audio by performing a video to text transcription and generate subtitles in most existing formats.

Once the subtitles are generated, you can download them and directly import them to YouTube or any other video sharing platform to automatically add them to your video. We also offer formats compatible with most editing software.

Is Transcri comparable to a speech recognition software?

Transcri is much more than a simple voice-to-text converter, it is cutting-edge technology that can interpret and transcribe your speech with unmatched accuracy.

Whether you use it for speech recognition or as a Speech to Text tool, Transcri is your ally for high-quality transcription.

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