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Our different transcription services

At Transcri, we know that there are many different needs when it comes to transcription. Whether you are looking to transcribe a speech, an interview, a conference or even a simple podcast, we have the solution you need!
Our online platform combines transcription and subtitling, allowing versatile use of your content. From academia to the media sector and businesses, we cover all application areas, with a service optimized to meet your specific needs.

The benefits of an automated transcription service


Save hours of work with an automated service that turns your audio into text in record time.

Confidentiality assured

We take your privacy very seriously. Your files are deleted from our server after downloading and will therefore never be shared with third parties.


Avoid the high costs of traditional transcription services. Enjoy high quality with AI at an affordable price.

Interview transcription

The interview is a valuable tool for researchers, journalists and many professionals. Whether it's an in-depth interview for an article or a research interview for a study, accurate transcription is essential in order to transcribe this work.

Transcri makes it easier interview transcript and transforms your audio recordings into structured, easy-to-analyze texts.

Taking notes

Meeting transcription

Whether it is a meeting transcript in person, recorded on a simple device, or from a videoconference transcription with remote participants, Transcri offers you a solution to write down each idea.

Keep a written record of decisions made, points discussed, and make it easier to track future actions to be taken.

Video call

Podcast transcription

The world of podcasts is booming. But why limit yourself to audio? With the transcription of your podcast , you can easily recycle your content.

Use the transcribed text to create blog posts, social media posts, or even write an ebook! It’s a smart way to maximize your content creation without any extra effort.


Conference transcription

Whether you attend a lecture in an amphitheater, a scientific conference or a professional conference, keeping a written record of these interventions is invaluable.

With Transcri, transform these valuable oral presentations into structured textual documents, perfect for revisions, publications or archives. There conference transcript is at your fingertips with our tool!

Public talking


How much does our transcription service cost?

Although it is possible to use Transcri for free for small files, our transcription service is offered in the form of different subscriptions. Each subscription is designed to meet the varying needs of our users, from the required monthly transcription time to additional features.

For a detailed breakdown of the prices and benefits associated with each plan, we invite you to consult our pricing section.

How long does it take to transcribe an hour of audio?

Transcription length may vary depending on several factors, including clarity of audio, language spoken, and number of speakers. Typically, for an hour of audio, our system typically takes just under 10 minutes to provide a complete transcription. However, we always recommend allowing additional time for possible revisions to the final transcript.

Is it possible to transcribe audios with several speakers?

Absolutely. Our system is designed to recognize and transcribe audios with multiple speakers. It will identify different voices and transcribe them coherently so you can easily follow the conversation.

How do you ensure transcription accuracy?

We use cutting-edge technology and advanced methods to ensure the accuracy of our transcriptions. Our algorithm leverages artificial intelligence to recognize and convert speech to text with high accuracy. Additionally, we regularly update our system to improve it based on user feedback.

Can I edit the transcript after it is generated?

Of course. Once your audio has been transcribed, you will receive an editable file, allowing you to make any changes you deem necessary.

Additionally, for those who have subscribed to one of our premium plans, we offer an additional feature that automatically improves the transcription result for even better accuracy.

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