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Speech-to-Text technology

Transcri is based on « Speech to Text » technology, a digital revolution that transforms speech into written text in order to transcribe audio. Thanks to advanced algorithms and a deep understanding of human language, this technology makes it possible to automate transcription, making voice to text conversion both fluid and precise.
Whether for archiving, accessibility or distribution reasons, Speech-to-Text technology proves to be an invaluable resource.

Benefits of Voice to Text Conversion

Considerable time saving

Speech-to-Text eliminates the need to take notes manually, significantly speeding up the work process.

Flexible use

Whether on a smartphone, tablet or computer, our voice to text conversion tool adapts to all situations.

Curated archive

Benefit from a quick search in your audios for better organization. Practical for professionals managing large volumes of information.

Transcription with Transcri

At Transcri, we use artificial intelligence to deliver top-notch Speech to Text transcription. Our system is constantly improved thanks to feedback from our users, ensuring ever higher accuracy.

By choosing Transcri, you benefit from a tool that stands out for its reliability, its performance, but also its free model.

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Common applications of Speech to Text

The power of Speech to Text technology lies in its versatility. Professionals use it to transcribe meetings or interviews, writers for voice dictation, and educators to make content accessible to all students. It is also a valuable tool for the hearing impaired which allows them to translate audio and thus follow discussions or presentations with ease.

Whether you're looking to improve your productivity, make content more accessible, or simply explore new ways of working, Speech-to-Text has an application that's right for you.

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Integration and compatibility with other platforms

One of the great advantages of Transcri is its ability to easily integrate with a multitude of other tools and platforms. Whether you want to integrate your transcriptions into video editing software, a note-taking application, or an e-learning platform, Transcri makes this process easy.

Our Speech to Text service is designed to be as versatile as it is powerful, ensuring a seamless user experience, whatever your project.

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Daily use

Follow the steps to get started and experience the power and precision of our Speech-to-Text technology for yourself. Many satisfied users have already integrated Transcri into their daily lives, whether for work, study or leisure.

Some professionals also use Transcri as an assistant in creating a verbatim transcription faithful to the recording.

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How does Speech-to-Text technology work?

Speech-to-Text technology, also called speech recognition, is an automated process that converts live or recorded speech into formatted text. It uses advanced AI algorithms to recognize and transcribe words spoken by an individual or group. This technology is widely used in various fields, ranging from virtual personal assistance to professional transcription.

How accurate is voice to text conversion?

The accuracy of our Speech-to-Text tool is among the best on the market. However, like any automated technology, its accuracy can vary depending on sound quality, clarity of speech and background noise. However, through constant learning of our system, we strive to provide as faithful a transcription of the original audio as possible.

Is there a limit to the length of audio I can transcribe?

Yes, for our free plan users, the maximum length of an audio file that can be transcribed is 10 minutes. If you need to transcribe longer files or plan on regular use, we recommend considering our premium plans, which offer more flexible limits and additional features.

Does your service support regional accents and dialects?

Absolutely ! Our tool is designed to accurately recognize and transcribe most regional accents and dialects. We rely on an extensive linguistic database and our system continues to learn and adapt to various vocal nuances to deliver as accurate a transcription as possible.

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